4 Days and counting…Prayers

I can’t believe we’re here. It’s been just over two months since I found out about this Acoustic Neuroma in my head. And now, I’m four days out from the surgery to remove it.

When I first found out, I spent the first 3 weeks feeling like I was almost drowning in fear and worry. I’m so glad I’m not still in that place. I’m so grateful for the generous and patient way God has led me from there to here.

I’m still nervous. I still feel worried. I still wish I didn’t have to do this. But I’m not overwhelmed by those feelings anymore. God has proven over and over and over again that He is my protector and my provider.

If you’re looking for how to pray for us these next few days:

Pray that I can surrender my imagination and embrace His.

At it’s worst, my imagination takes me to a host of worst-case scenarios and at it’s best I survive. Kind-of a low bar, am i right?

But, the God who created mountains and oceans and the Grand Canyon? His imagination is wildly more creative than mine. His best-case-scenarios are better than I could ever ask or think.

Sure, I’d love to wake up from surgery without the constant ringing in my ear or with my hearing miraculously intact. But, God has proven to me again and again that His plan is always better than mine.

So, I’m praying to be one mind with Christ, to want what He wants and to trust that it will be really good.

I’ve been using a guided prayer App called “Pause” which has been amazing. There’s a line in one of the prayers that says…

“I live under the care of Jesus. My story is in His hands. My future is absolutely wonderful.”

So, pray with us that I can believe those words and trust God for what I can’t see or imagine.

Thank you for walking this road with us – we are SO thankful for all of you!

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