Two More…

Two more boys.

Two more pairs of tiny footsteps following in mine.

Two more adventurous, daring and passionate hearts to direct and try with everything in me not to squelch.


Two more ninja, pirate, super-hero, knights saving the day… everyday.

Two more wrestlers to team up against me in epic battle royales.

Two more brother/servants for Princess Kate.

Two more students in Gavin’s school of swordsmanship, karate and dart gun marksmanship.

Two more pairs of eyes looking to me for leadership and guidance.

Two more mirrors reflecting back to me my own shortcomings.

Two more reasons to lean into the grace and sufficiency of God. (As if I needed more)

Two more men who will be seeking my advice on girls, dating, marriage and raising their own little ones someday. (Well, they may not seek it but they will get it nonetheless.)

Two more reasons to fall deeper in love with my AMAZING wife.

Two more seats full around the dinner table.

Two more arrows to shoot out into the world to make an impact for the mission of God.

Two more sons returning home for the holidays, greeted with a kiss and a seemingly endless hug from their mom. (While I discreetly wipe a tear from my eye.)

Two more reasons to laugh until it hurts.

Two more reasons to cry until my tears run out.

Two more reasons to worship my loving Creator, Redeemer and Friend who has loved me enough to bless me with this family.

Two more reasons to stand in awe.

Two more reasons to…

Maybe some of you could fill in the blank here. Leave a comment and complete another line.

4 thoughts on “Two More…

  1. Two more opportunities to be in awe of the way God creates us… in His image, yet also unique.

    Two more little personalities to change end enhance the dynamic of our (not so) little family.

    Two more opportunities to see the body of Christ at work as our church family surrounds us with love, support and encouragement because it really does take a village…

    Two more Mother’s Day cards each year, that I will undoubtedly cherish for the rest of my life.

    Two more “firsts”… of everything 🙂

  2. Two more pairs of jeans with holes in the knees because sliding into base while playing a neighborhood baseball game is so much more fun than just running, two more pairs of tennis shoes full of mud because that rainy day puddle was just too muddy to resist, two more sweet I love you’s said to mommy and daddy after bedtime stories and kisses, two more boys whose sports events you will get to go to and cheer loudly for from the bleachers, two more smiles that will melt your hearts, two more little voices to sing songs about how much Jesus loves them, two more pairs of little hands to hold, two more precious little baby boys that the Lord has given to the two of you because He loves you both so very, very much.

  3. Two more ways to set an awesome example for everyone else out there striving to raise their children to love and serve our great God.
    You & Erin rock…can’t wait til we can come to you for advice as we raise our own little ones :o)
    So excited to see how God is going to continue to use you in such an amazing way!

  4. Four more cute, sweet, tiny, little feet. (sorry – that’s the overachiever in me!)
    I am *so happy* for you and Erin. You are such a great family, and these two little growing guys are so lucky, they don’t even know it! I love Facebook and blogs, because it means we can share the journey of our lives, and it’s been such a joy to see updates along the way. Praying for all of you!

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