Journey To The Frozen North… In The Middle Of Summer :: My Alaska Journal (Day Three)

Day Three

I woke up and started the day sitting by the waters edge, looking out over the mountains and reading through several of the Psalms. I marveled at how the same God who set the foundations of the earth could love me, care for me, and be a help to me when I need Him.

Immediately afterwards I was told that Erin’s dad had suffered a heart attack the previous night and that she had driven through the night to get to Georgia to be with her family. I got to the camp office as fast as I could and called her to find out what was going on. She told me about all of the ways that God had orchestrated the events of those hours to get her there safely and to bring her dad back from the brink of death all while using the circumstance to bring at least four people closer to understanding and accepting the gospel.

The events are too many to tell right now. I’ll just say that what I’m sure, at the time, seemed like a symphony of chaos turned out to be something of a masterpiece with melodies and counter-melodies flying about with unpredictable, yet flawless motion, with dark tension moving into shockingly brilliant resolution, as if composed by the most skillful of all musicians. All coming together to present one beautiful song, telling of a truly amazing God who is surely working all things together for His glory and our good.

It turns out the mountains are not the only majestic evidence of how great of a God we serve. He likes to flex in other ways too.

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