Here’s to the Awkward Uncles | Thoughts on looking for hope on the darkest days…

Most days are average to good days, where optimistic social media posts with sunny bible verses feel appropriate and encouraging. [...] Then there are the black hole days. The days when you can’t see past the pain. The nights when your fear feels so real that you could reach out and touch it. In times like these, trite platitudes fall short. The Bible verses that used to bring comfort feel, at best, distant and irrelevant, at worst, obtuse and offensive. Where can we turn for hope on these days?

Enter the awkward uncles.

Mystery Plants :: Some thoughts on kids

One of the weird things about moving into a new house being surprised by plants. Not that there's an Azalea jumping out and shouting at you from around the corner or anything. But there's still this element of surprise. The subtle, slow unfolding of little chlorophyll-charged mysteries. They just start popping out of the ground … Continue reading Mystery Plants :: Some thoughts on kids

Colorblind | Thoughts on challenging our assumptions

Confession... I’m colorblind. And before you ask, no, I don’t just see in black and white like a dog or a shark or something. I see colors, just not the same ones everyone else sees. Or so I’ve been told. It hasn’t really been a big problem, except for those middle school geography tests that … Continue reading Colorblind | Thoughts on challenging our assumptions